YouTube Users Kick Against Video Size Adaptability Feature


A greater section of YouTube users are unhappy with the video-sharing site’s newly added feature calling it a bad move.

Vertical video is making quite a comeback after it received massive backlash back in the day. The argument was that the human eyes are set beside each other making portrait-mode video jarring hence the “Vertical Video Syndrome.”

However, Instagram proved non wide-screen videos successful after they launched IGTV which was rumoured to compete with YouTube–in a way. A few weeks after that, the world’s second largest search engine rolled out an update to the video player on desktop “to provide the best viewing experience based on the video’s size (aspect ratio) and your computer’s screen/browser size,” according to a YouTube forum community manager.

“This update moves away from the need for black bars. We launched this update on mobile awhile back (both Android and iOS) so this change also aligns the desktop and mobile viewing experiences,” she added.

“This update is cutting off what I can see rather than accommodating for it…” wrote one disgruntled user.

“It’s bloody awful give us the option to turn it off,” penned another.

“You need to either fix this or change it back to the way it was,” continued the trend.

Some are also noting that higher resolutions are being forced into a 640×480 screen, while some are experiencing clipped content.

Others were of the view that YouTube should have given them a chance to toggle the feature on or off and prompt them of such updates before pushing them in the straightjacket.

Dear YouTube, I understand that there is the need to keep up the pace to stay in competition but you must have your consumers in mind too.