Sorry, There Is No “Best Camera For Vlogging”


When I see questions like “what is the best camera for vlogging,” I get to know that it’s from people like me – beginners. This query scores higher on Google search trends and YouTube itself.

It is obvious that many people want to share what they have with the world but the only thing in their way is “the best vlogging camera” which seems to be beyond their economic means.


The best DSLRs don’t come cheap and economic flactuations make it worse when you decide to save some cash to get yourself one. So what would you do when you want to start making YouTube’s videos so bad? Would you sit and watch time pass when you have a smartphone?

Yes, a smartphone!


Well, I don’t know which one you use but it’s definitely a phone that can shoot better photos and videos. The new crop of phones can (to some extent) be compared to that expensive DSLR [not forgetting the additional lenses you would have to purchase]. Some also come with built-in stabilization that you won’t have to worry about shaky footage.

Personally, I have started making content with my Samsung S6 and I’m loving the footage coming from that ‘old’ phone even though I have to do a little finishing touches in post production.

It’s crazy to think that a cell phone and a professional DSLR were completely two different things but now, with the advancement of technology, we are able to combine the two.

The following YouTubers had something to say.

1. Tati – Kenya/UK

I’d say just start with anything as long as you’re creating.

IG: @tatikapaya

2. Enam Kumi – Ghana

Start with what you have,, let your content speak for itself. With time gears and production quality will level up

IG: @enamkumi


Content is everything and the gear you use does not dictate what you create. Get creative with what you have although you might be limited to some basic functions but remember cats were once kittens. So whether you have a cinema camera, DSLR or just your smartphone, there is no excuse if you want to be a story teller. The only thing holding you back is your drive and passion to create.

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