Louis And Raya Spend Romantic 3-Year Anniversary In Egypt

Raya and Louis
Image: Fun For Louis Map

Youtube stars, Louis Cole and Raya Encheva who are currently on a romantic getaway in Egypt just clocked 3 years in their relationship.

The couple has been together pretending to be just friends since 2015 but let the cat out of the bag in 2016 in a vlog post titled “1000th Vlog W/ My Girlfriend.” Lois and his Bulgarian girlfriend have been on several expeditions around the world.

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Image: YouTube/Q&A With Raya

According to Raya’s gift video to Louis, they have explored 35 countries across 6 continents together.

Louis and Raya have been in Egypt for a couple of days exploring the ancient country in the blistering heat.

After their around the “valley of the kings,” Korna, and the “Temple of Queen Hatshepsut,” the two joined a boat of assorted dishes where they wined and dined. That “lovely” windy evening, they had a romantic table-for-two date to crown the day.

How Louis and Raya met

Louis was bound to return to the UK from Rio when he learnt it would rain on the day of the flight. So he changed flight and flew straight to New York where he stayed with Raya and her colleague [not sure of their relation, sorry]. That’s where things picked up and here they are today.




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