Kenyan YouTuber Quits Vlogging And I’ve Never Been This Sad


Elodie Zone says that she’s done with Youtube.

She revealed this informally on her Instagram comments after a fan asked her why there hasn’t been any videos. The fan asked;

“Why did you stop YouTube gal? We miss you so much,”  to which Elodie replied, “Got tired of it. Won’t be coming back.”

Elodie Zone/IG

This comes after several long breaks the Youtube star took from the platform. Considering Youtube is what made Elodie famous, this decision comes as a surprise, especially since so many Kenyan influencers have entered this space as a way of earning a few bucks.

Elodie claimed that she first started YouTube as a way to escape bullying in her high school, she revealed;

“I started my YouTube channel because I didn’t have any friends because of those rumours of people calling me a slut, and that is when my family and friends would say some hurtful things. They told me a job as a YouTuber is not a job, that I’m embarrassing myself on the internet and that I am not making it in life.” 

However, she rose above the hate and proved her family members wrong after she made a genuine name for herself. Four years down the line, her fame on Youtube and social media helped her bag a job at NRG radio.

It’s unfortunate that we won’t be seeing any more of that entertaining Elodie Zone YouTube content.