Here’s The Real Reason Jessy Taylor’s IG Was Taken Down


An Instagram influencer named Jessy Taylor has had her account taken down following several reports.

She went viral after posting a public meltdown on YouTube begging people to stop reporting her account as she is nothing without her following.

Jessy had some 100,000 followers and was making quite a few bucks when she got wiped out.

Her video “STOP REPORTING MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT” stood at 1.5M views at the time of this publication with 23K dislikes.

Jessy added that, she cannot go back to being a stripper as she is trying to be a better person.

How does anyone become a better person after abusing another??

Jessy Taylor Instagram deleted
Image: Jessy Taylor/YouTube

YTR, after learning her story, monitored every other development related to this and found out Jessy has not been nice to her peers at all [perhaps she did not get anyone to tell her to be nice to others since her family abandoned her].

Why Jessy Taylor’s Instagram was deleted.

First of all Instagram does not delete an account for nothing. Jessy Taylor must have done something that went against the guidelines of the photo-sharing platform.

It turns out Jessy has made some virtual enemies after coming down on another girl because she is black and she (Jessy) could clearly be heard saying “I am a racist, I am a racist.”

Again, Jessy is reported to have poured Clorox –a highly concentrated toilet-cleaning bleach– into someone’s shampoo bottle causing her to break in a rash. The inhumane act got the victim to get a restraining order against Jessy.

As it stands now, Jessy is on a “forgive me” campaign to regain her followers’ trust.

However, her (sort of) backup account @jessytaylorduh with follower count of 117K is still active.