Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Before the streak, Kinsey Wolanski's Instagram following stood at 200K and ended up at a staggering 2M.
His channel, Zion Felix garnered that much subscribers as a result of his engaging content such as "Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix" and "ZionFelix Uncut."
It turns out Jessy has made some virtual enemies after coming down on another girl because she is black and she (Jessy) could clearly be heard saying "I am a racist, I am a racist."
American influencer, Huda Kattan tops the list of most paid creators according to Instagram scheduling app, Hopper HQ followed by Zoella. Examining traits including follower count, average engagement and posting frequency, as well as internal data, Hopper HQ's list reports that...
Youtube stars, Louis Cole and Raya Encheva who are currently on a romantic getaway in Egypt just clocked 3 years in their relationship. The couple has been together pretending to be just friends since 2015 but let the cat out...