Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Before the streak, Kinsey Wolanski's Instagram following stood at 200K and ended up at a staggering 2M.
His channel, Zion Felix garnered that much subscribers as a result of his engaging content such as "Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix" and "ZionFelix Uncut."
Considering Youtube is what made Elodie famous, this decision comes as a surprise, especially since so many Kenyan influencers have entered this space as a way of earning a few bucks. 
Recently Youtube refunded $26,000 from philanthropy super chats for children's cancer research institute of St. Jude, in view of the nature of the Youtube channel that live stream went on.
The world's second largest search engine on October 17 at about 1:20AM GMT experienced major blackout leaving users of the video-sharing site stranded and costing creators a lot of $$$.
A greater section of YouTube users are unhappy with the video-sharing site's newly added feature calling it a bad move. Vertical video is making quite a comeback after it received massive backlash back in the day. The argument was that...
It is quite obvious that YouTube is letting all this outrage going on about the abusive "Family Of Five" happen. Family Of Five - a channel belonging to Mike and Heather Martin was taken down after they were charged with...
A Miami-Dade judge and a burglary suspect had a one-of-a-kind reunion in bond court, as the man broke down in tears, while the judge offered him some supportive advice. "Hi, Mr. Booth, you're back. This time you're charged with a...